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The Art of Yoga in its proficient and private form

??? Yoga ???

What is Yoga? That is a good question! Frederick Leboyer, a French forerunner of the alternative midwifery, once said it right:

“It is true that Yoga is not just theory, it is philosophy in action. It is art and science at once. The practical exercises activate the senses, the mind, the intellect and the common sense. Further it strengthens will and soul. Yoga really is science because the anatomical and physiological processes have been observed and rest upon over hundreds of years of experience.”

Yoga changes the body and soul. It educates us to find serenity in our thoughts and acts. It strengthens our health. Furthermore, it teaches us knowledge, wisdom, and above all patience, quiet and modesty. Those who practices yoga sincerely will see that their whole life will change: You will be master of your own destiny. Yoga is a unique philosophy. You feel fulfilment with every Asana (exercise) and with every breathing exercise (Pranayama).

  • Yoga is an encounter with yourself. You can deal with inner blockages - with everything that says “No.”
  • Yoga is not a free time activity with which you can play around.
  • Yoga is an attitude for life; Asanas (exercises) are just a part of it.
  • Yoga and its exercises are a powerful medicine that can heal, ease, and transform if they are applied correctly, which is why it is important to choose a good teacher who can lead you.

You will come to learn and appreciate the importance of the student and teacher relationship, which is more than that of a trainer. Through yoga, the body and soul become united. Yoga has an effect on your whole being and you need a good teacher who observes your physical, as well as emotional transformation. It is not enough to be a good athlete or a skilled acrobat.

There is an old saying:

“Even with the best tools, a dabbler accomplishes work badly. A skilled person can create masterpieces even with little means.”

Yoga exercises are the tools: Everything depends on how you are taught and why.

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