Yoga for Men!

Men's business! Yoga-Class for Men with Yoga Teacher Elisabeth Marino. Here you'll find further information.

Yoga for Men in Vienna

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The Art of Yoga in its proficient and private form

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is the most calm one, among all the other modern Yoga styles. We hold every position 3 - 5 minutes, either sitting, or lying. Therefore, deep layers of the connective- and the fascia tissue will be reached, ligaments will be stretched, joints will be mobilized and the vertebral column as the nervous system can be rejuvenated.

The full body, meaning the muscles, sinew, ligaments, joints, bones and nerve tracts, is coated by the connective tissue. Chronic pain can anchor and be stored there. Through a regular Yin-Yoga practice, pain can be lessened and flexibility can be regained, since we are working with this layers. Furthermore the meridians (nadis) will be energized through the long and passive hold of the yoga positions, cleaned and meshed. So the life energy called chi, or prana, can flow unhindered. The effect of Yin Yoga is comparable with an acupresssure treatment.

But during this practice we promote inner peace, mental commitment and the letting go. Yin Yoga retract all senses inward, as it is a calm and contemplative style of practice. Sense is to accept what is, to feel, to watch and not to reach something, or to reach more and more.

Elisabeth Marino mach Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga mit Elisabeth Marino

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