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Elisabeth Marino bietet Therapy Yoga in Wien, falls Sie interesse oder Fragen haben wenden Sie sich an uns Telefonisch oder per Email. Sie können auch gerne ins Yoga Atelier, 1190 Wien kommen und sich beraten lassen. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie auf dieser Seite.

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Wir bieten auch Yoga Flow Gutscheine. Ein ideales Geschenk für Ihre Liebsten.
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The Art of Yoga in its proficient and private form

Therapy Yoga

THERAPY YOGA is the term for an individual, personal and perfectly fit private lesson, which is responsive to your different needs. YOGA is suitable for everyone, no matter young or old, healthy or ill. Already a thousand years ago, the now popular (and often used for advertisements) lotus position was the only way to practice yoga, and to meditate to calm down the body, mind and soul. People learned the lotus position (asanas) by watching animals and mimicking their movements. Through this, a whole series containing many different asanas were developed, hence the reason that most postures are named after animals.

I focus my attention on ensuring that individual needs of the yoga student are met during a private lesson. Yoga has a balancing effect on your energy, psyche, and physical fitness, no matter which body type you are. People benefit from the “grounding” aspects of yoga when life moves to quickly. Others find they benefit from a certain “lightness” that yoga brings to their lives. I focus my attention on ensuring that individual needs of the yoga student are met during a private lesson.

Whether hypermobile, plump, skinny, or disabled, the private class is adapted individually for every student. I have made it to my responsibility to respond to every physical, mental or psychic state of the person who confides in me. After an informative conversation, which includes every important aspect, a special yoga programme is created and taught. Teacher and student spend 90 minutes together for every yoga class. The number of the whole THERAPY YOGA class is varying and depends on the person’s need. THERAPY YOGA is no substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment!

THERAPY YOGA makes us physically, mentally and psychically fit and is recommended for:

  • sleeping disorders
  • hormonal problems
  • headaches
  • menopause problems
  • migraine
  • wish for child
  • disability of every kind
  • weight problems
  • panic attacks
  • little sexual desire
  • postural defects
  • mood swings
  • backache
  • depression
  • learning problems
  • stress
  • puberty
  • and much more
I would gladly give a class after agreement by phone under:
0699 11922459 or I will answer to an e-mail to

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