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The Art of Yoga in its proficient and private form

Dear Yoginis and Yogis,
this difficult time brings souls together, even if it is forbidden to cluster. We would like to ensure you, that all courses, workshops and blocks are frozen. Means that at the moment the Yoga Atelier is allowed to reopen, we restart tuition.

We would like to thank you for your understanding!

In the meantime we are sending confidence, faith and equanimity!

Stay healthy!

Elisabeth Marino

Dear Yoginis & Yogis,
„Happy Eastern!“
Although we are living in most challenging times, we need to keep our spirit high and remain healthy!
As soon as the Federal Goverment permits to reopen the Yoga Atelier doors you will be informed about our new timetable.
Thank you for your understanding!

Much love

Yoga Sissy

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