Elisabeth Marino aus Wien berichtet über Ihren Yogaweg und Ihre Yogalehrer. Elisabeth Marino führt in Wien ihr kleines aber feines Yoga Atelier.
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The Art of Yoga in its proficient and private form

Elisabeth Marino  My Yogapath

Since I was a child, I loved it to climb on the old fruit trees in our garden, to turn wheels on the grass and to dance light-footed over our parquet floor. My mother did not allow me to attend ballet classes because she ruined her feet with this kind of dancing. That is why my dream of dancing in light movements did not come true immediately. Many years later though I still was flexible and could make my dream true. After two births of my beloved daughters and a rather sad period of my life, I could be active and happy again. I learned so much more, because, as a matter of luck, I got to the most dynamic yogakind, Asthange Vinyasa Yoga.

This happened in 2002 and since then I am passionate and fascinated by yoga. This is why my frequent advanced training is worthwhile. After many years of intense practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Flow, I officially became a certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. My teachers were Mag.Axel Dinse (nutritionist and yogateacher) and Manfred Gauper (yogateacher). Afterwards I did the certificate to become a Hormone Yoga Teacher by Dinah Rodrigues, who actually is the founder of this kind of Yoga.

Out of the Ashtana Vinyasa Yoga, I developed a flowlike class for juveniles between eleven and eighteen years. This happened because the youngster’s mothers became more flexible and the young ones wanted to change this. In 2009 I did schooling by Mag. Eva Hager-Forstlechner and Ekkehard Hager in Spiraldynamik. Spiraldynamik shows us the spiral connection of our body and is important for me as a teacher to correct asanas properly.

Further teachers who influenced my work by giving me lessons: John Scott (London), Max Strom (London), Lino Miele (Rome), frequently Nancy Gilghoff (Vienna), Paul Dallaghan, Govinda Kai (Yoga Conference Cologne 2008 & 2009), Sri Luise (Vienne 2008 & 2009), Sharon Gannon and David Life, Miami Life Center (Miami Beach 2008), Jivamukti Yoga School New York in 2009, Richard Freeman in 2010.

Finally I want to mention Sarem as one of my keypoint teachers and thank all of my teachers for their infinite patience and devotion. I also thank my family and friends, who tolerated my dedication for yoga and who cheered me up and encouraged me.

I try to pass on my passion to my students of every age. I exclusively teach small groups and give private lessons to react to personal aspects and to give a personal and individual class.

In June 2013 I successfully completed the 300 hour Jivamukti Teacher Training in Costa Rica with David Life, Jules Febre, Rima Rani Rabbath and Olga Oskorbina as mentor. As certificated Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, I am now allowed to teach Jivamukti Yoga in the Yoga Atelier.For me it is always a pleasure to see that my students leave my yoga class happy and relaxed!

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Elisabeth Marino auf einem Baum
I still love climbing on trees!
Elisabeth Marino auf einem Baum
Elisabeth Marino
Elisabeth Marino ist zertifizierte Yoga Lehrerin für Ashtanga Vinyasa und Hormonyoga. Ihr Yoga Atelier ist besonders für Menschen geeignet, die gerne in privater Atmosphäre und in kleiner Gruppe praktizieren oder auch Privateinheiten nehmen möchten. Es stellt ein Kleinod in der Yogawelt dar, ist liebevoll eingerichtet und befindet sich in
Döbling (AT - 1190 Wien) in der Chimanistraße 19 Top 19 in Grünlage.
Elisabeth Marino ist für sie telefonisch unter +4369911922459 erreichbar. Gerne können sie uns auch eine Email schreiben: elisabeth.marino@gmail.com. Das Yoga Atelier ist über erreichbar.

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